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Reasons To Use Us
Premium services for you and your business offers premium services for your software products. We are the only company in the market that offers the largest range of distribution channel service. 

Customizable packages to suit your needs lets you customize your distribution package according to your specific product needs and your budget. Every software requires a unique distribution strategy. We want you to be able to choose the distribution components according to your needs and preferences and customize your own distribution package.

Fast, easy and reliable offers you a fast, easy and reliable one-stop-solution for software distribution service. Our customizable package involves your filling in one single form and we will take care of the rest. Our team of dedicated marketing personnel with extensive Shareware industrial experience will ensure that the distribution success of your software products. We know that in this Internet world, the key factor for the success of your software is speed, whether you release your software faster than your competitor. Be ahead of your nearest competitor. 

First Class customer service 
At, our customer service officers are here to help you. We would like to listen to your problems you have met in distributing your software products. We care and would like to try to solve your questions and problems.

If you have a question on any of the distribution components, which to choose to suit your product, or need assistance in building your own customizable distribution package, do drop us an email. You can also email us if you want to change something about an order you have placed. We welcome and appreciate your opinions, feedback and suggestions on our distribution and customer service, and we strive to improve ourselves and offer you a better service.

If you have a question about something else, and you are unable to find the information that you are looking for here in our FileDistributor website, you can contact us by sending an email. We'll be happy to assist you. We will respond to you as fast as we could. And no, we do not believe in automated email responses or unanswered emails. 

Total Commitment
We know all too well how fast the Internet and software changes and grows and we are committed to maintaining the best and most reliable service we can. We constantly update and add to our distribution service so that we can offer you the best service that you deserve. We also offer excellent Member Benefits to our dear customers. These include special offers and discounts. We hope you will let us be your connection to place your products at the top of the wonderful global online market of customers.

Contact us now and let us work towards your success!
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      Main Office 

        Phone/Fax: +1-775-7475730

        Mailing Address:
        P.O. Box 5479 Reno, 
        NV 89513

      International Office

      Company Contact:

      Ariel Chew 
      Business Development

        Phone:  +65-3333514
        Fax    :  +65-3333513

        Mailing Address: 
        77 Bencoolen Street #04-01
        Singapore 189653
        Republic of Singapore

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