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 Resources for Authors
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Here are some resources that are useful for Software Developers.

Shareware Associations
Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) The ASP groups about 700 shareware developers everywhere in the world. There is a wealth of information in the members only area, and in the private newsgroup.

Educational Software Cooperative (ESC)
The ESC groups educational software authors from all the world

Shareware Industry Awards Foundation (SIA, SIC)
Organizers of the prestigious Shareware Industry Conference. This is an annual event not to be missed! This years SIC is on July 19-21, 2001

ISIDOR European Shareware awards for all popular shareware. Presented by Share-It!

Association Franšaise des Auteurs de Shareware French Shareware Association

Elite Shareware Authors Group is made up of shareware authors who are interested in helping each other make exceptional shareware

SAVE German Shareware Developer Association

Trialware Professional Association (TPA) non-profit organization that is free to join for authors of trial or demo software.

Registration Services
Get Software Provides international and domestic customers the ability to electronically purchase, register, upgrade and download software in a secure environment. The Registration Network provides order taking services for shareware authors including 24 hour phone/fax ordering, Internet Orders, Electronic Software Delivery (ESD), CD creation

Regnow Provides credit card processing with in-house affiliate programs, advanced pre-order fraud profiles, 24x7 phone ordering and much more.

Regsoft Provides marketing, Credit Card and Other Forms of Payment Processing Services, Software Registration and Tracking Services, Purchasing, Distribution of CD-Roms, Order and Billing Support by Toll-Free Phone, Fax, Email and Mail, Reseller and Affiliate Management with On-line reporting. 

Share-It Offers Internet marketing services and enables online order placement, phone orders for Europe and the United States, fax, postal mail or e-mail transactions.

Shareware-Australia Provides registration services for Australian Shareware Authors.

Skulski Shareware Polish shareware registration service

UK Shareware Registration Ltd. prices all shareware in British Pounds which makes it very attractive to UK customers and UK authors alike. Rates are amongst the lowest on the internet starting from 8% with no additional flat fee.

Association LITIEL French Shareware Registration service

Discussion Mailing Lists
Euro-Share is a mailing list that shareware professionals around the world use to communicate with each other about marketing and programming issues.

Discussion mailing list for Russian software authors

Resource Guides
Shareware Connection
exists to provide you with the resources to help you understand the business and to help you succeed in the business of shareware.  

Shareware Developer's Resource provides free advice and information for aspiring (and established) shareware developers.

Shareware FAQ
A directory of resources for software marketing, software sales, and software product marketing

Tips and Hints
for Shareware and Freeware developers by Matthias Kahlert A resource center for Shareware authors. Another resource hub for developers. Lots of handy links.

Visual Vision Has tons of Website building tips as well as HTML resources.

Magazine Publishers
Next Publishing publishes PC Active and CDs containing Shareware are attached to these popular Australian magazine covers. 

Shareware Sites
Freeware Guide
has a good listing of shareware sites. 

IconShareware The Source for up to date software, shareware, demo's, freeware, drivers, dll's, information and downloads for PC, MAC, Linux, BeOS, Palmpilot and Windows CE.

Intervue Digest reviews sites that distribute freeware, games, shareware, maps, patches, and mods over the Internet. Also reviews freeware, games, and shareware.

MantaDB Big List of Shareware Sites Listing of software sites that is updated frequently. features only the best shareware, freeware, computing sites and more An excellent programming resource site for developers. 

Share Direct Win95/98/NT Shareware, Games, DirectX, ActiveX developer

SharewareAddict The place for serious software junkies! For the latest Shareware and Freeware Downloads, Free MP3 Music & Games Software, Demos, Beta Files and more! Supports PAD submissions.

Shareware Place THE place for Shareware.

SoftDeko SoftDeko provides a simple, straight forward site without too much glitz. Viewers can read the software information and download the versions on offer. Make sure you place your software here.

Software Localization 
Localization and promotion services in Germany for International shareware authors. Services include Deutsch press release writing and mailing to German magazines, customer support, translations and submissions to German software sites. 

CD Publishing

SwiftCD Custom manufacture CD, packaging and shipping for your software.

Software Resellers
David's Software Sales
Mail order sales

General Software Related Associations

International Game Developers Association is an independent, non-profit professional association for developers of interactive entertainment

US Internet Industry Association provides education on Internet and technology issues, advocates effective public policy for the Internet, and provides its members with essential business news, information, support and services.

General Software Related Sites
DP Computing Small business software consultancy

Association of Shareware Professionals
ASP Member
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