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Software Sites Submission
Software sites are websites that features software and cater to millions of computer software enthusiasts worldwide who buy software online regularly. In other words, imagine bringing the world to your software, especially people who are really seriously going to buy your software. Tell me you DONíT want them.

We will submit your software to the major targeted software sites, over 200! We can update it as you release future versions. 

2. FTP Upload sites
Uploading your software to Upload sites are one sure way of getting your software to be seen by the right people you want most. Many people go to these sites to find new software and they are all your customers! Editors and reviewers of computer magazines, newspapers, TV and radio stations also sieve through these sites to look for the latest software to tell their readers about. In fact these sites form one of the most important parts of the distribution process. These FTP sites includes Simtel.Net, FidoNet's Filebone system, Winsite, and more. 

We manually upload your software to the sites when we receive your software file. Our team of website technicians (real live humans) manually upload your software to up to 8 major upload sites. 

Your software will be seen worldwide. Just imagine -  just by simply getting 2 or 5 orders, you will have easily recovered the little money spent. Say...WOW!...just imagine how worthwhile it is...hundreds of thousands of dollars made from less than 50 bucks which you would have easily spent on buying beer on a night's out with your buddies. Whew!

3. CompuServe
CompuServe is one of the top 10 major Internet services that reach out to millions of subscribers at home and in the workplace worldwide. Touted to have the largest forum center covering up to 300+ topics, it has a huge traffic of users from all over the world looking for the latest software. Just imagine Internet surfers in the hundreds of forums, waiting to be your customers.

Uploading your software files to so many CompuServe forums will take you weeks, if not months, not to mention having to backlog your work to look painstakingly for the right forums. Let us do this job for you. We have an extensive distribution channel consisting of major CompuServe forums for all types of software. We can certainly upload your files to 100 forums and more, giving your software full visibility in the world market.
We can also customize your upload for your software category, so that your software gets targeted forum users.

CompuServe takes a 1-month processing period to approve and list your software. This varies with every forum. 

4. America Online (AOL)
America Online is one of the leading Internet services in North America and Europe. AOL caters to a wide variety of different interest groups with forums and software libraries for each software category and people look for the latest computer software updates in these software libraries.

AOL is one major distribution component which you can't afford to miss - that would be telling yourself to miss out nearly 20 million of customers! You definitely won't be able to sleep peacefully at night now. 

Convinced?? BUT have you tried uploading to AOL forums? It sure gives you sleepless nights and nightmares of that AOL logo rotating as you wait and wait for your file to upload. Let us solve your problems. Our team of dedicated marketing personnel with IT experience will place your software products at targeted forums where your potential customers will be. 

5. Search Engine
Would you like to save your own time by allowing our website technicians to submit your website details to 25 major search engines, directories and links pages while you sit back and relax? Includes high traffic generating search engines like Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, WebCrawler, HotBot, Excite, Google, Open Directory Project and many more! Do you know 80% of surfers to your website come from people who found your software on search engines? Increase your visibility right now! And increase your web traffic with amazing results!

We also offer search engine optimization of your website's HTML pages. By tweaking the meta tags and optimizing for certain search keywords, your website could rank better in common keyword searches for your software. 

6. Mailing Lists
Imagine advertising for your software without even spending a cent for it. Advertising space is very expensive and is likely to bust your resources and without much return. Editorial space is free! Editors would love to receive your news about your software. You see, editors rely upon software developers to tell them about new products so that they can tell their readers. Take advantage of this fact and be ahead of your competitors in utilizing this opportunity. Make your software NEWS. 

Listen, here is what you get: We'll tell about your software to more than 2000+ key editors of target popular Websites*, Computer Magazines, PC User groups, Daily, Weekly and National Newspapers, and even Radio and TV producers. They will tell thousands of readers, viewers and listeners about your software! In fact, you will be amazed that, from our experience, responses from editors will start flowing minutes after they received our emails! (*Note: Website editors comprise of software sites that accept email submissions, software reviewing sites, portal sites, as well as Ezines.)

We will take care of all the work for you. Just email us your Press Release in text and/or
HTML format and we'll do the rest.
We email personalized announcements to each editor.

How will the editors contact you?
We will help you receive your editorsí correspondence, taking the load off you. We will forward to you all the requests from editors for CD-ROMs and reviewer unlock codes for reviewing. We will also forward to you the invitations for software presentations from PC User groups. Your press release will definitely include your company name, address, email and phone and fax numbers so the editors will not have any difficulty finding you. Some editors may review your software without ever contacting you first.

7. Press Release
Reviews are the best means of increasing sales. A good review can give that boost to your software, drawing a stream of customers. How do you get a magazine to review your software? You must tell them about your software. Donít wait for them to find it somewhere. 

How to get editors to read your press release is tricky. An excellent press release is a winner with editors. Most editors lament at the huge percent of poor press releases in the hundreds they receive a week. Does your press release have what it takes to grab their eye for that 10 seconds and continue reading on? Capture their attention enough to write you an email saying "Yes! We'll review for you."? 

Let us help. We have three in-house editors with 11 years of relevant industry publication experience, who will write your press release for you. 

Email or fax us any existing ads, press releases and product descriptions etc. Then tell us how you want to position your program and who are your target users. Next, our editors will write the Press Release. We will fine tune it and keep you informed with various drafts and updates until you give the go ahead to publish it.

8. Product Description Writing
Program descriptions make or break your software when it is listed on software sites. If your one liner does not grab the user's attention, your program will be passed by, even if it is much better than your competitor's. 

If you need help with writing your program descriptions, we will be glad to help too. We can help you write descriptions that grab attention immediately. Just let us know.

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