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 Case Studies


Client Profile

TypingMaster 2002 - Typing Tutor 
 by TypingMaster, Inc.

Initial Analysis 
A well established company, TypingMaster, Inc., is well known for their typing tutors. Their flagship product TypingMaster 2002 was recently nominated for the prestigious Shareware Industry Awards for
Best Educational Program or Game category. TypingMaster 2002 has been very well established over the years and it was a challenge what more we could do for this great product.

Our Customization for TypingMaster 2002

Excellent media coverage and exposure for TypingMaster 2002 is essential to its continued success. Selecting full options for TypingMaster 2002's press release mailing gets it the most exposure. 

TypingMaster 2002 has been very well distributed throughout many Shareware sites. We expanded its distribution to make TypingMaster 2002 available to thousands of CompuServe and AOL members visiting various forums. 

TypingMaster 2002 could do better in its search engines ranking for common search words for Typing Tutors. By tweaking the meta tags of TypingMaster's web pages for the search engines, we managed to get it to the top #1 search engine listings for certain keywords. Hours of research for the right keywords certainly paid off!

Our Client's Order

  • 50 Shareware Submission Sites 
  • 8 FTP Upload Sites 
  • 75 CompuServe General Forums
  • 8 CompuServe Business Forums
  • 6 AOL General Forums 
  • 10 Major Search Engines Submissions
  • 500 Web Editors Press Mailing
  • 500 Magazine Editors Press Mailing
  • 800 Newspaper Editors Press Mailing
  • 300 Radio & TV Producers Press Mailing
  • 500 PC User Groups Press Mailing
"Thanks for the quality work!" Tommi Utriainen, TypingMaster, Inc.

Reviews Response from Press Mailing:
TypingMaster 2002 had positive review responses by more than 54 editors! Below are some of the notable ones: 

Shareware did a Full Review of TypingMaster 2002 and it was featured on the main page of their website, as well as in their newsletter.

TypingMaster 2002 achieved a 5 Cows Listing on

Microsoft(r) and WUGNET Windows Me/98 Shareware Pick of the Week for June 10, 2001 This site averages over a million visitors monthly on our site, so you can imagine the publicity boost!!! Being picked also means a chance that your application may be featured in the Microsoft "Exploring Windows" Newsletter. Just imagine ... this is any shareware author's dream! ...

Other review responses include Computer Link Magazine, Computerworld, PC User Magazine - Australia, Mass High Tech, Mobile Computing & Communications, PC Format - Cover Disc, CNET Radio, Mikro-PC World Yugoslavia, PC World ( New Zealand), Greek PC Magazine, Technology Review, MikroPC (Finland), TechnoFILE, PC Format Poland,  and Let's Talk Computers and more. 

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