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 Case Studies


Client Profile

Jigsaws Galore v4.0 - Puzzles Game 
 by Gray Design Associates 

Initial Analysis 
Jigsaws Galore was well distributed to many Shareware sites, mainly US software sites as well as some educational sites. It also had excellent reviews in the past. Its awards include Best of the Net (Dec 2000) by's Shareware Site, ZDNET Five Stars Application, Rated Five Cows by, finalist in both the Computer Gaming World and PC Home Game Awards. The program was also reviewed in PC Magazine UK, Smart Business Magazine and Computer Shopper. 

Our Customization for Jigsaws Galore
Keeping up the media coverage and exposure for the product is essential to Jigsaws Galore's continued success. We wrote the press release for Jigsaws Galore, highlighting its awards and achievements and mailed it out to thousands of press personnel as well as PC User Groups. 

Gray Design Associates also wanted to expand on Jigsaws Galore's distribution to more than its listings on USA software sites to include International software sites, CompuServe forums and AOL forums as well. 

We also found that though Jigsaws Galore listed well for a search on the product name in search engines, it did not turn up well in common searches for puzzle games. We offered to tweak the meta tags for the web pages to optimize for targeted search words that visitors would enter. Refreshing the website's status on the search engines will help Jigsaw Galore's ranking in searches, since the last submission which was a year ago.

Our Client's Order

  • 150 Shareware Sites 
  • 8 FTP Upload Sites 
  • 100 CompuServe General Forums
  • 9 CompuServe Games Forums 
  • 4 AOL Games Forums 
  • 25 Major Search Engines Submissions
  • 500 Web Editors Press Mailing
  • 500 Magazine Editors Press Mailing
  • 800 Newspaper Editors Press Mailing
  • 300 Radio & TV Producers Press Mailing 
  • 500 PC User Groups Press Mailing 
  • Press Release Writing
"Sales have never been better!" David Gray, CEO, Gray Design Associates

Shareware Sites
Jigsaws Galore is now listed on more than 300 Shareware sites ranging from US sites to Germany, France, UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Brazil, New Zealand and other countries.

Search Engines
Jigsaws Galore's listing on the search engines has improved since the re-submission of the site's pages with fine-tuned keywords. Jigsaws Galore is now visible in the top 15 search results. This is also due to the fact that many Shareware sites submitted Jigsaw Galore's listing to the search engines.

CompuServe and AOL Forums
Jigsaws Galore is now easily available to members of CompuServe Forums as well as AOL Forums.

Review Responses from Press Mailing:
From our press campaign, Jigsaws Galore had more than 64 editors asking for review copies. Below are some of the notable ones: 

PC Magazine Belgium, PC Magazine, ComputerUser, Sharewarejunkies 5 stars, PC World Hungary, PC World Philippines, On Computers, Radio @ Work, General Protection Fault on KUAC FM, The KABC  Computer Show, Rochdale Observer, The Press and others. 

Jigsaws Galore also got an overwhelming response from PC User Groups! More than 33 PC User Groups responded to the call to review Jigsaws Galore. These PC User groups also got good discounts and some even gave demos to their members. Some of these user groups have members ranging from 100 - 600 members.  

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