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 Case Studies


Client Profile

HTML Guard 2.0 - HTML Utility 
 by Andreas Wulf Software

Initial Analysis 
HTML Guard is a relatively new HTML tool that is just out in the market. Offering affordable protection from web plagiarism, HTML Guard is a fast hit with webmasters at large. However, it did not have many reviews or awards to its name as yet. Getting the news about this new product out to as many people as possible and establishing HTML Guard as the innovative HTML product of the year, is a challenge. 

Our Customization for HTML Guard
We wrote the press release for HTML Guard highlighting the usefulness of this smart utility in preventing unwanted copying and sent it out in HTML as well. Usually response rates to well formatted HTML emails are higher.

Our Client's Order

  • 500 Web Editors Press Mailing 
  • 500 Magazine Editors Press Mailing 
  • 800 Newspaper Editors Press Mailing 
  • 500 PC User Groups Press Mailing 
  • Press Release Writing
  • HTML Press Release Mailing
"Thanks a lot for the distribution. I was very pleased with the results and received more feedback than I had expected. I also noticed an instant boost in traffic and saw some very positive reviews on the net. " Andreas Wulf, Andreas Wulf Software.

Reviews Response from Press Mailing:
HTML Guard was offered reviews by more than 40 editors! Below are some of the notable ones: 

Lockergnome,, PC Answers, .NET, PCgo!, National Post Business Magazine, Mass High Tech, PC World Hungary, Softmag AS, PC CHIP (Malaysia/Singapore),  Australian PC User, The Australian Newspaper and more.

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