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 About Us

One-Stop-Distribution-Solution is a company providing a one-stop-distribution solution that is cost effective for software solution

Premium Services with the Largest Distribution Channels has a large database of targeted distribution channels for each software category. We distribute your products to virtually every major online service, as well as hundreds of Shareware sites, upload your files as needed, register your site with main search engines, announce your press release to hundreds of relevant newsgroups and editors of popular computer magazines, newspapers, radio and TV stations worldwide and more. is committed to providing distribution solutions and customer satisfaction through excellent service, customer support and a complete guarantee of its services.

Company Vision supports software and shareware authors  throughout the world. Your success is our success.
The World is Yours
Success For You
Just Success.

So do you want your software to rise and be the *STAR* in the Top Picks at CNet or PC Magazine? You can achieve that and the tens of thousands of hits which comes with it……if you have the Right distribution channel available to you.

Knowledge Sharing
Giving software developers the best valued distribution channels for your software.

For Example, did you know:

  • We know of thousands of software sites, forums, libraries and ftp sites designed for your software where millions of your potential customers visit to look for the latest software products and updates to buy.
  • We have 2000+ contacts to editors of Computer Magazines, Websites, Ezines, Newspaper, TV and Radio Stations who are waiting for you to provide them with news of your software so that they can tell their readers.
  • We can help you convey your message across to these editors! These editors would love to write reviews about your fabulous software if only you know whom they are, where they are and how to reach them and tell them about your software.
  • We have contacts to more than 500 PC User groups with some thousands of members who are all your potential customers! They are exactly there to because they love new software and want to read and see about your software in their newsletters and presentations.

Experience Sharing
Sharing the secret of our success  with software developers.

It has taken us over 7 years to learn how to consistently and without fail, place any type of software in the Top Picks of the major software sites and best selling computer magazines.

With 7 solid years of industrial experience in software distribution, we know all too well that even through the Internet, gathering distribution channels and putting in marketing effort can cost a lot, not to mention taking into account your time to distribute your software, which cost even more.

We want you to concentrate on software developing & worry less about money on marketing.
How much time do you spend doing the following for your software?

  • Distributing your software
  • Marketing your software
  • Sourcing for new distribution channels
  • Keeping in touch with editors of magazines
  • Writing Press Releases
  • Sending Press Releases, etc

By experience, we know that:

Small software developers have 60-70 % of the time spent on marketing and distribution for it to be effective.

Uploading and submitting your software files to so many forums and software sites will take you weeks, if not months! And even if you spend 70 % of your time, marketing and distributing, most of time, the returns does not necessarily means the time spent would justify translation to sales. Research has shown that placing your files at the targeted sites is the most effective method to get your customers.

With all that trouble, time and money, wouldn’t it be nice to just concentrate on software writing and leave the distribution to someone else?

We Care
We want to help software developers.
Let take care of your software distribution for you.  Being in the Shareware industry for so long, we know the knacks and ways of getting listed on thousands of software websites, getting reviews from best-selling magazine like PC Magazine, listings on major software websites such as CNet and ZDNet, “insider information” on which places your potential customers are lurking and how to get invitations for presentations from major PC User groups and computer clubs over the world. We have close working relationships with many newspaper and magazine editors, webmasters and PC user groups. We will tell them about your software and they will, in turn, tell many thousands of readers and members around the world.

Our dedicated team of marketing personnel with extensive Shareware industrial experience will help you target your software to your customers. With all the extensive exposure, your software will be seen by millions of Internet online user subscribers at home and in the workplace worldwide. Let your software receive the attention it deserves. offers a personalized service to each author and the software they want to market. We have a wide choice of distribution components for you to design and customize your distribution package for your specific product needs, and also your budget. 

Our Promise To You
Our dedication to make your dreams come true.
Listen: A lot of people all over the world are going to be furious with us for taking care of your software distribution and sharing our distribution secrets with you especially since you won't be paying even part of what they had to shell out for one top positioning page!

That's just too bad.  It's been a secret for too long. So, let us tell you what the deal is....

You will gain:

  • Editors of Computer Magazines, Ezines, Websites, Newspapers, TV and Radio stations producers will be knocking at your door offering to write reviews for your software and you will receive invitations from PC User groups worldwide to present your software to hundreds and thousands of their members who are interested in buying your software.
  • Extensive exposure in up to 300 over software sites that gives you an "Unfair Advantage" over your competitors by pulling in all the visitors to your website 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • And much, much more...

Work Together
Together we work towards your success.

Contact us now and make your software gain the recognition and presence it deserves in the world market! If you would like to know more about our customizable software distribution packages, or about, please go to Customizable Packages or email us at We will be there to discuss and work out a distribution package that will bring the world to your software.

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